Carrer Montcada

Carrer Montcada (12)

This is one of the most beautiful streets in Barcelona. 

It follows the course of an ancient pathway connecting the first walled enclosure of the city of Barcelona, the current Plaça de l'Àngel, with the port. The current name comes from Guillem Ramon de Montcada, who erected his own palace here in 1153. 

Simultaneously, new streets and residencies with a more open structure were created, featuring patios, gardens and large windows on all floors. This street soon became the focal point for the city's well-to-do, and numerous Gothic, Renaissance and even Baroque palaces works were erected. 

The period of splendour that from the 13th to the 18th century, made this one of the city's stateliest avenues came to a close at the end of the 19th century, when the upper classes of the time preferred to settle in other parts of the city.

The palaces currently open to visitors are the Palau Berenguer Aguilar, the home of the Picasso Museum, the Palau Cervelló-Guidice, the current home of the Gaspar Foundation, and the Palau Marquesos de Llió which, together with the Palau Nadal, house the Museum of World Cultures. Some years ago the Palau Marquesos de Llió housed the Textile and Clothing Museum, which is currently located at number 37 of the Plaça les Glories Catalanes. So, if you happen to meet someone wandering around asking about the former museum, please be kind enough to tell them about the new location.

Other interesting buildings on this street, in terms of architecture, are the clerestory tower house, the former site of the Bressol del Nen Jesus (Cradle of Baby Jesus) asylum, what is known as the 'lattice' house, the house of the great arcade and the Tuscan gate house.

For its wealth of artistic and historic elements, few streets spark the interest of Barcelona residents in bygone eras as much as this one. 

In addition to museums and galleries the street and the surrounding area are dotted with designer shops and trendy cafes that are worth a visit even if just to pass the time.

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