Frederic Marés Museum

Frederic Marés Museum (49)

In an incomparable setting, right in the heart of the Roman and Gothic city, you can get to the Frederic Marès Museum, through the garden of what was once the Grand Royal Palace – seat of the Catalan-Aragonese kings during the middle ages, and from the Carrer dels Comtes, beside the Cathedral. 

Frederic Marès was a very important sculptor and collector of Barcelona, where he arrived in 1903 at the age of 10. After studying in the School of Arts and Crafts and Fine Arts was a much-loved teacher there until he retired.

Thanks to the collection donated by the artist in 1946 an exhibition room was opened and two years later the museum was officially opened. But Frederic Marès never abandoned his passion for collecting and continued to acquire more works which enabled him to extend the collections already exhibited and set up new ones. Adding to these the private and institutional donations meant that the museum has had to be extended on several occasions. 

The exhibition is divided into 3 areas. The first, the Sculpture Collection, is made up of Hispanic art pieces from the pre-Roman era to the 20th century, among which certain pieces from the Middle Ages and religious coloured works are notable. 

The second, the Collector’s Room, is a collection of crafts of special anthropological interest because it shows objects which illustrate daily life for people of the city in the 15th to the 19th centuries. Here you will fine the Women’s Room with fans, combs, jewels, clothes, and so on; the Entertainment Room with paper theatres, robots, toys and so on; the Smoker’s Room with a large collection of different pipes; and other rooms such as that dedicated to the nativity scene, clocks and photography.  

And finally, on the second floor is Marès’ studio-library, almost exactly as he left it. 

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