Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (43)

Is you are one of those people who was amazed by the film “Jurassic Park” or if you played with dinosaurs when you were small, a visit to this museum is a must. You will find it at one end of the Leopold Park and inside will encounter a true centre of research and exhibition of living organisms and fossils.

Of the different rooms you can visit, each of which is devoted to a different subject matter, we draw your attention to the two most spectacular: the Dinosaur Gallery and the Whale Room.

The dinosaur section includes the museum’s “jewel in the crown”: the large collection of skeletons of iguanodons, which were herbivorous dinosaurs that lived over 65 millions years ago. These skeletons, which were discovered in 1878 in a mine in Bernissart, are impressive because of their height of 5 metres and length of 10 metres. 

Elsewhere, in the Whale Room you can see 18 magnificent cetacean skeletons, outstanding among which is that of the blue whale, the largest existing mammal.

We are therefore sure that if you decide to visit this curious museum, you will not be disappointed.

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