Santo Spirito

Santo Spirito (48)

If you decide to visit the Piazza del Santo Spirito and its corresponding church, we suggest you do so in the morning, when the piazza becomes a market where local farmers come to sell their wares. Visitors will also find stalls selling clothing and footwear. 

For its part, the church was founded by the Augustinians in 1250, though Brunelleschi did not begin work on the current church until 1436. The architect would never live to see his work completed, however, as he died some years before. It is worthy of mention that Brunelleschi's project was so expensive that for several years the monks had to skip one of their daily meals in order to meet the expenses.

Visitors to the interior will notice the clear contrast between the white walls and the grey stone as well as the harmony of its proportions and simple ornamentation. This, however, is disrupted by the Baroque-style canopy and main altar, created in the early 17th century by Giovanni Caccini. 

The church also contains 40 chapels decorated with paintings and sculptures from the 15th and 16th centuries. The most important of these is the "Madonna with Child", by Filippino Lippi. This can be found in the third chapel on the right transept. 

Visitors should also visit the Sacristy, which is accessed through a door on the left. It was completed in 1492 by architects Giuliano da Sangallo and Simone del Pollaiuolo and is considered one of the masterpieces of the late 15th century. 

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