Via Tornabuoni

Via Tornabuoni (36)

If you fancy shopping in the most elegant and expensive establishments in the city, you cannot miss out on the Via Tornabuoni. Here you will find outlets of some of the most prestigious names from the world of fashion, such as Hermès, Gucci or Prada. 

However, this street also features a number of grandiose palaces, such as the Palace Spini-Ferroni, located at number 2. This building is also the main Salvatore Ferragamo outlet as well as a museum dedicated to the famous designer, where visitors can ponder the life and work of one of the most important Florentine personalities of our time.  

Visitors should also pay special attention to the lavish jewellery on sale and the famous glove shop Ugolini located at number 22. This street is also home to the famous Seeber bookshop, which opened in 1865 to cater for the foreign community residing in the city and where you can still find a variety of books in different languages.

And if you fancy a coffee or a drink, we strongly recommend a visit to the Giocosa, a locale noted for being the place where the famous Negroni cocktail, made with Campari, gin and vermouth, was invented. Frankly, no visitor should leave the city without trying one. Are you thirsty?

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