Campo de Santa Clara Esplanade and Feira da Ladra Market

Campo de Santa Clara Esplanade and Feira da Ladra Market (41)

On one of the seven hills of Lisbon lies the lovely district of Graça. Despite not being one of the most visited areas in the city, it is worth visiting just to lose yourself in the labyrinth of its alleyways which hold some architectural jewels.

This can be done by taking the mythical number twenty-eight tram, a city classic. What’s more, you should also visit the monastery nearby the “Sao Vicente de Fora” or take in the view over the river Tajo.

One of the many charming spots found in the Graça district, and which also adjoins la Alfama, is the “Campo de Santa Clara” esplanade. 

This is a beautiful place, an irregular square located at a crossroads, consisting of buildings of various architectural styles, from mannerism and baroque to neo-classic. The colouring of the facades, large shabby windows and old shops all portray a very authentic side to Lisbon. 

What’s more, if you visit here on a Tuesday or Saturday you will come across something rather surprising. This is where the well-known “Feira da Ladra”, or ´Theives Market` is located.

Do not be put off by the name, this is a renowned flea market selling second-hand goods. It is a place where stands, stalls and improvised awnings have been put up in the shade of trees for more than one hundred years.  

Despite there being an abundance of cheap products on offer here, you can also find some very interesting antiques. Among the most sough-after pieces are forged iron ornaments, embroidery, old books, tiles and even engravings.

Advice for visiting any market of this sort includes: have eyes in the back of your head, examine everything you buy carefully and, of course, haggle.

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