Restauradores Square

Restauradores Square (22)

This huge rectangular space, to the north of the Baixa district, is the live centre of the city and the place to come if you are in search of hustle and bustle, especially so during the day. 

Together with the “Rossio” square (Praça de Rossio) and the “Figueira” square (Praça da Figueira), it is a fine example of the restoration project implemented by the Marquis of Pombal after the terrible 1755 earthquake that destroyed most of Lisbon.

The Restauradores square (Praça dos Restauradores) stands as a boundary between the modern part of Lisbon and the old. To its north runs the “Avenida da Liberdade” (Freedom Avenue), to the west is the road “Rúa de la Gloria” and its elevator tram, which leads up to the Barrio Alto district and disappears among its winding streets. On its far side lie the popular neighbourhood of La Alfama and the “Sao Jorge” castle, while to the south is the middle class district of Chiado. In the midst of all this, sitting at one of the many terrace cafes, you will feel in the true heart of the city.

In the square stands an obelisk, erected in 1886, which commemorates the 1640 liberation of Portugal from sixty years of Spanish domination. This saw the Portuguese people rising against the country’s Spanish governor, the Duchess of Mantua. After the uprising, the country faced the Restoration war, a series of border battles which were all won by the Portuguese.

At the foot of the obelisk stand two bronze figures; a palm tree and a crown, which allegorically represent “victory” and “Freedom” respectively. These were crafted by the Portuguese sculptures Simoes de Almeida and Alberto Nunes.

 If you need a map of Lisbon, a guide to the best restaurants, a metro map, or even just something to help you find a nearby sight worth visiting, be sure to go to the “Foz” palace in the north-west corner of the square. This building, designed by Francesco Savario Fabri in the middle of the 18th century, today houses the Lisbon tourist office.

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