Borough Market

Borough Market (105)

Borough Market is one of the most renowned fruit and vegetable markets in the city, in addition to being the oldest and most exclusive. Located just a kilometre from the magnificent City Hall building and a minute's walk from London Bridge, this market is a veritable paradise for gourmets. Not only does it offer the country's best produce, what really makes it special are the countless stalls run by vendors from all corners of the earth. 

The municipal district of Borough has always been closely linked to trade, and its commercial history goes back no less than a thousand years. Already in the 9th century, farmers and businessmen would meet in the vicinity of London Bridge to buy and sell commodities such as grain, vegetables, meat and fish. In the 13th century the traders moved to what is now Borough High Street, and since then the presence of a market on this site has become part of the London landscape. Maintaining the market, however, was not an easy task ... In 1755 it was closed by parliamentary order, and it was only thanks to the Southwark residents, who managed to raise the then substantial sum of 6000 pounds, that the market was able to reopen in 1756 on the site of what was formerly the St. Margaret church cemetery. And there it has remained to this day.  

With the advent of supermarkets, Borough Market almost fell into oblivion. If it was to survive it would have to reinvent itself and, luckily, in the 1990s a group of entrepreneurs came up with the perfect recipe, exclusivity, in other words the sale of only exquisite foodstuffs. For this reason, in order to have a stall in Borough Market today, one has to pass a test of quality, as select buyers expect much from the market and demand only the finest produce. This new character of the market was driven by the new interest for fine foods that blossomed in London at that time, the result of both the cultural blend of the City's employees and residents and the desire of style-conscious and somewhat snobbish elements to distance themselves from traditional English fare, which they considered unrefined. Hence the birth of the "foodies", or lovers of fine foods, for which the Borough Market is a temple of pilgrimage. Everyone in London knows that this is the place to come for quality produce. 

Try exquisite food from around the world without travelling! Borough Market offers far more than just its stalls. The surrounding area has witnessed the blossoming of an entire ecosystem of restaurants and shops as exclusive and refined as the produce found in the market in addition a myriad of stalls offering international dishes of all kinds, so much so that you'll forget what country you're in. Surely you can find something to satisfy your appetite! You shouldn't leave the market without visiting the small Wright Brothers seafood bar, heir to the London tradition of eating oysters by the river and for many the best place in the City, or stopping to pick up some coffee in Monmouth, considered the best place to buy coffee in London. A fact that explains the long queues at its doors. And all of this without forgetting to take out the camera to capture one of London's more charming districts, where the dark brick walls and iron bridges contrast with the colour and life of the market, leading filmmakers to use Borough as a backdrop for films the likes of "Bridget Jones's Diary" and "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban", among many others.

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