London Eye

London Eye (18)

At 135 metres height, the London Eye is the highest observatory big wheel in the world and the fourth highest structure in London, behind the BT Tower, the Tower 42 and the One Canada Square building. As a result, if you are lucky enough to go up in one of its 32 cabins on a clear day, you will able to enjoy panoramic views of up to 40 kilometres. This means that you might even see Windsor Castle.

Built in 2000 to celebrate the arrival of the new millennium, this magnificent piece of engineering work by the architects David Marks and Julia Barfield receives an average of 10,000 visitors per day, which represents a total of 3.5 million visitors per year.

A large part of the success of the London Eye is down to the innovative design of its cabins. These glazed high-tech capsules do not hang from the structure like conventional big wheels, but are attached to it by means of a sophisticated system of rings that turn as the big wheel rotates, which means that at the apex you have a panoramic view of 360º. British Airways, the company responsible for the construction, did not skimp on details, and so each capsule, for example, is fitted with air-conditioning.

The slow rhythm of rotation of this enormous structure situated on the banks of the Thames means that the passengers can get into and out of the cabins without them having to stop, and gives them a pleasant journey of 30 minutes. Any time of day is good to enjoy the views, but it would be difficult to beat the spectacle of light and colour that the city of London gives off at dusk.

Moreover, there are always special offers such as hiring a cabin just for you, or just imagine a luxury breakfast with champagne included for 20 people, or they also organise a civil wedding so that you may say “I do” with London as a backdrop.

Whatever the case, do not miss making this trip, it is well worth it.

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