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Museum of London (101)

If you want to take a fascinating tour of the history of London from prehistoric times to the 20th century, the best place to visit is, without doubt, the Museum of London. Formed from the fusion of the collections of the Guildhall Museum and the London Museum, since the late 70s it has been in a building in the Barbican district. At present, it is the object of a multi-million euros remodelling, which fulfils the proposal of the museum to always be up to date. 

Its aim is to document in order to provide a solid cultural heritage for coming generations.

The museum, which houses regular thematic exhibitions, organises its collections chronologically. Here you will be able to find everything, from one of the most extensive collections of Neolithic axes in the United Kingdom to the Lord Mayor’s carriage or a lift from the Selfridges department store, as well as costumes and shoes from the Middle Ages or Egyptian and Roman statues from the Temple of Mitra. 

As well as many models, like those that reproduce the Globe Theatre, Saint Paul’s Cathedral or the Crystal Palace, in diverse rooms there are accurate reconstructions of different historical settings. In this way, you can stroll through a dungeon in Georgian London or see a street and a pub from the Victorian era. In the exhibition part dedicated to the interwar period, a radio station and anti-air raid shelter are reproduced.

There are weapons, jewels, crockery and even board games alongside educational explanations of key events for the history of London, such as the Great Fire of 1666. 

The Museum of London is also very interesting in that it enables you to discover a city that boasts the status of referent as a modern city that also possesses a rich historical heritage. 

The museum also has the capacity to constantly surprise the visitor because it is continually adding pieces, among which feature valuable findings from archaeological excavations. 

This is a visit that, due to the variety of the collections, is never boring. And, by the way, entry is free. 

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