Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall (48)

Situated in South Kensington, the Royal Albert Hall is one of the most famous concert halls in the world. Building work on it began in 1867, a few years after the death of Prince Albert, and was opened by Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales on the 29th of March 1871.

The simple building, which has airs of a Roman amphitheatre, is an austere redbrick circular structure. It was designed by the engineer Francis Fowke, although, due to his death, the person entrusted to complete the building was the architect Henry Scott.

The outside features a frieze in terracotta that represents the triumph of the Arts and Sciences and recalls, through an inscription, the crucial role of Prince Albert, the consort of Queen Victoria, in developing these disciplines.

The interior houses an elliptical hall with a capacity for 8,000 spectators, which, since it was opened, has been the setting for more than 150,000 events. It should be pointed out that the hall has an impressive organ with more than 10,000 pipes.

Every summer the Royal Albert Hall hosts a series of cultural events that are very popular with the public, the series of concerts called the Proms. These consist of classical concerts at very affordable prices, something very much in line with the original idea behind the venue. Classical music does not hog the stage, however. In its time the hall has hosted pop and rock groups such as the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Cream or more recently the Kaiser Chiefs. Jazz cords and hip-hop rhythms have also sounded out here.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the Royal Albert Hall is its multi-faceted aspect. In little more than 100 years, practically everything has been organised here: conferences, dances, radio broadcasts, tennis matches, operas, musicals, and even sumo wrestling or ice skating events. Incredible but true.

And maybe your visit will coincide with a performance of something you like, thus enjoying an unforgettable experience.

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