Smithfield Market

Smithfield Market (100)

Due to one of these paradoxes of life, Smithfield Market, one of the oldest markets in London, has become, thanks to a reform in which more than 100 million euros was invested, one of the most modern in Europe. 

This means that, despite the years that have passed by, today the several dozen stands that make it up comply with the strictest hygiene and safety regulations, such as those referring to sophisticated refrigeration systems.

The chronicles relate that meat has been sold here for 800 years and, in fact, before becoming a meat market it seems that it was known as a spot for selling livestock. Officially, Smithfield received the official license to be a market in 1327, in the times of Edward III.

The current aspect of Smithfield Market is due to a series of refotms that were undertaken during the 1860s, when parliament gave permission for diverse buildings to be erected here. These Victorian structures were designed by the architect Horace Jones and form the historic nucleus of the market.

Today, despite the fact that the elongated shadow of the big supermarkets always threatens traders like those from this market, Smithfield Market forms a reference point in London for wholesale trading in meat and poultry. To give you an idea, every year 120,000 tons of produce pass through here. In fact, the commercial transactions undertaken here have a direct influence on meat prices all over the United Kingdom.

Known for the quality of the produce sold here, Smithfield Market is the regular centre of pilgrimage of the best restaurants, catering companies and butchers in the city. 

Visiting this market will allow you to combine the experience of appreciating a genuine London institution and a series of Victorian buildings from that period that form part of the city’s architectural heritage.

Some pubs and cafés in the area have gained a great reputation not only for their attractive cuisine, but also for their aesthetic appearance, so that once you have visited the market, you can stop and eat in the area and relax before going off to see Saint Paul’s Cathedral, which is very nearby. 

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