Bank of America Tower

Bank of America Tower (136)

This is one of the newest and tallest skyscrapers that was built in Manhattan. In fact, it was completed in 2010 and, although at first it was known as the One Bryant Park, it was soon renamed as the Bank of America Tower. Its height? With antenna, nothing more and nothing less than 365 metres 80 centimetres. That is, it is the second tallest building in New York, at least at the time of its construction.

This grand 55-storey skyscraper with a glazed personality was designed by the architects, Cook+Fox, and built by the Durst Organisation. Currently, it is known, recognised and even awarded for being one of the most energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly buildings worldwide. In fact, it was the first skyscraper to be awarded the LEED Platinum, the highest distinction. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. That is, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a certification system developed for sustainability.

Among others, the Bank of America Tower was built with concrete based on slag, a by-product of blast furnaces, which reduces damage to the environment significantly. It also uses other amazing technologies, such as an insulating glass to regulate the temperature inside and use natural light smartly. On the other hand, it also collects and reuses rainwater, as the Hearst Tower does, which is located close to Columbus Circle, and even generates and retains ice to melt it in the hot days and cool the temperature inside the building with little damage to the environment. To give you an idea, and as a great detail, most existing skyscrapers filter the air coming from outside. This one also filters then the air it expels. Yes, they have taken care of every detail.

Without so much glamour, one of the curiosities of the building that has also been around the world are its waterless urinals, which is estimated to save up to 30 million litres of water a year. Certainly a great idea.

To build this huge skyscraper several buildings had to be demolished. Among them, the Hotel Diplomat and Henry Miller's Theatre, which has been reconstructed by the Durst Organisation and reopened in 2009. Interestingly, the Cook+Fox architects have maintained its neo-Georgian facade, a nice touch. If you want to admire it, or even attend any of its performances, you must know that it changed its name on 15 September. At present, it is called the Stephen Sondheim Theatre, and you will find it next to the Bank of America Tower, exactly at number 124 on 43rd.

As you were able to see, this skyscraper is unique in the world, and they say it will mark a before and after. So, enjoy it. Besides looking spectacular from the sky, you will get an excellent picture from Bryant Park, while sipping drinks on the terrace next to the New York Public Library, for example.

One final recommendation. If  you have not done it yet, come here at night to take a photograph when it is illuminated. It is simply spectacular. It is the best moment to appreciate its different forms, levels and structure behind the glass.

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