Chelsea Art Museum

Chelsea Art Museum (51)

The Chelsea Art Museum, the CAM, is one of many New York museums devoted to contemporary art and is also home to the Miotte Foundation, which holds exhibits and studies the works of renowned French artist Jean Miotte, who had his studio nearby, in SoHo. Born in Paris in 1926, Miotte moved within the gestural abstraction or L'Art Informel and mastered a variety of techniques, from painting to collage, for example. Surely you remember his works of black paint on white that evoke oriental calligraphy with great energy and dynamism.

The building that houses the museum is a fantastic and charming 3- storey red brick building with large windows which was built in 1850 and, like many properties in Chelsea at the time, it was owned by Clement Clarke Moore for a while. In 1915 the Society of the Church of Temperance rented the place to the workers who worked on the loading and unloading of ships at the docks next door, mainly Irish, German or Italians immigrants. Later, before becoming a museum, the building became a Christmas decorations factory only to be completely remodelled by Alfredo Caraballude and Michel Morris from CMA Design Studio.

The various rooms, as well as works by Miotte, present works by other artists of the 20th and 21st century, most of which are better known in their home countries than in the United States. And the proximity and historical connection to the Chelsea Piers are and have been the real entrance of foreign cultures in New York. Among these artists we highlight the works of Pol Bury, Mimmo Totella and J. P. Riopelle, as well as European abstract artists such as Corpora, Millares, Santomaso or Thieler, and Americans like Mitchell or Motherwell.

Finally, we recommend a visit to its temporary exhibitions, which often have excellent collections of paintings, sculpture, photography and digital art. Do not miss them. 

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