Forbes Galleries

Forbes Galleries (44)

Housed within the Forbes Building on Fifth Avenue with 12th Street, Forbes Galleries is a charming museum that will immerse you in the collection created by an exceptional editor and passionate collector named Malcolm Forbes. Fortunately, his family have kept his spirit alive and continue to show the world his collection. If you are travelling with children, it will be one of their favourite places in New York.

 The museum includes, for example, a series of documents that belonged to different presidents of the United States and more than 175 interesting historical trophies, such as an Olympic medal and prizes for firing pellets at a fair. The biggest surprise will undoubtedly be the infantry battalions, the 7th Cavalry, the Normans and the large fleet of battleships. But all in miniature, of course. Maybe that's why the museum appeals to young and old with its more than 12,000 toy soldiers, more than 500 toy boats and even some examples of the world's oldest Monopoly board.

Make sure you do not miss the Fabergé eggs, the true gems of the museum. These masterpieces of jewellery were created in St Petersburg by Peter Carl Fabergé and his craftsmen for the Czars of Russia and other members of the aristocracy and bourgeoisie in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They are true works of art.

As a final recommendation, when you leave the museum, go one block west and three blocks south to number 424 Sixth Avenue or Avenue of the Americas, with 9th Street. Here you will find Balducci's, a former vegetable stand that was run by the late "Pop" Balducci and has now become a gastronomy lovers' paradise, with several bars and restaurants. It has over 50 kinds of bread, more than 80 varieties of Italian cheese, the best selection of vegetables imported directly from Italy and even takeaway food. All of it is exquisite. Buy some of the delicacies and you will soon realise why it's so popular. 

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