Hudson River Park

Hudson River Park (49)

Formerly, the banks of the Hudson River were not recommended for tourists because they were frequented by people of dubious reputation, such as prostitutes, drug dealers and petty criminals. Fortunately, a few years ago, the river banks have been cleaned and renovated to become one of the most desirable areas for walking in New York, after Central Park obviously.

It is a walk along the Hudson River, stretching from Battery Park to 59th and is packed with the most varied leisure activities, highly recommended if you are travelling with children or teenagers. You can walk, ride a bike, rent a boat, skate, play tennis or basketball, fish, watch films outdoors, visit one of the most emblematic city docks or just sunbath.

For example, we recommend a visit to the Chelsea Piers, at 20th Street, where cruise ships once docked. In fact, the Titanic was heading here. Today there is also a large shopping centre that offers endless possibilities, from exotic food, climbing lessons to a fantastic spa.

And if you are passionate about the history of warfare, visit dock 86 at the 44th. There you will find the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. This museum opened in 1982 to display the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid CV-11, a veteran boat involved in the Second World War and the Vietnam War. Get to know the secrets of the ship, the details of the aircraft and the feats of the war heroes.

As you have seen, strolling along the Hudson River Park and forgetting the bustle of the city can be a relaxing experience. This is just another of the faces of New York.

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