Museum Mile

Museum Mile (109)

If strolling down Fifth Avenue is a treat for the senses, the section between the 79th and 104th Street is even more so. Because, along this distance, just over a mile, there is the Museum Mile, where some of the most important museums in the city of New York are concentrated, such as the National Academy, the Guggenheim and the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), one of the largest museums in the world.

Formerly, the Museum Mile was known as the Millionaires' Row. And, in fact, most of today's museums are located in former residences of wealthy merchants and aristocrats. 

If you are going to spend a short time in New York, choose well which museums you want to visit. The Museum Mile itself offers so much to see that you would need 10 days to complete all visits. We, therefore, encourage you to get all the information about opening hours, official events and each museum's closing day. Note that, although museums are generally closed on Mondays, as is the case of the MET, each museum's features make them have their own schedule. For example, the Jewish Museum is closed on Fridays and Saturdays and the Guggenheim on Thursdays.

And if, moreover, you are lucky enough to be in New York in the summer, you should know that there is a Tuesday when the Museum Mile Celebration occurs, a very special day where this stretch of Fifth Avenue is closed to traffic, museums open their doors free of charge late in the day and other events are organised which are always of great interest to New Yorkers and, of course, to tourists. Do not forget to ask at your hotel.

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