New Victory Theater

New Victory Theater (83)

If you love ancient sites, steeped in history and full of legends, you are in the right perfect place. And if, in addition, you have small children, you nailed it. Because the New Victory Theater holds two distinctions that no other theatre on Broadway can claim: that of the oldest theatre still in operation in New York and that of the only theatre in the city specially dedicated to children and families.

It was built by Oscar Hammerstein, grandfather of Oscar Hammerstein II, in 1900. The latter wrote the lyrics to many of the great early hits in the history of Broadway, such as Edelweis or Do-Re-Mi from the movie The Sound of Music, which in Spain was translated as "Sonrisas y Lágrimas" (Smiles and Tears). He also wrote for Sinatra and Billie Holiday, wonderful songs such as A Kiss to Build a Dream On, which Louis Armstrong interpreted in such a unique manner. But that’s another part of the history of Broadway.

Originally the theatre was called Theater Republic and later on, in a display of patriotic enthusiasm during World War II, it was renamed The Victory.

Who would have thought it? The stage that now hosts Puss in Boots, puppets or acrobats, started out by hosting legendary actors such as Lillian Gish, Mary Pickford and Tyron Power. During the 30s it was a platform for burlesque theatre and vaudeville. And you would have never imagined it, but before being children's theatre, it operated as a vaudeville theatre, showcasing some of the first striptease numbers in the city during the 1930s, while in the ‘70s it became one of New York’s first porn theatres. The theatre has quite a history, right?

Although it was renovated in 1995, it has not lost any of its character. Its Venetian-style facade has a graceful staircase that takes you directly to the entrance on the second floor. Here you are greeted by two cherubim hanging from the edge of the dome, above the walls decorated in red and gold. A more theatrical entrance would be impossible. And that is how, from December 11, 1995, the space began its operation as a theatre specially dedicated to children and families.

It is a very popular theatre among children and families in New York, offering a multitude of activities such as courses and workshops, while its programming is varied and frequently renewed. Moreover, the theatre brings shows from different corners of the world to New York.

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