Trump Tower

Trump Tower (103)

If you are on the east side of Fifth Avenue, right between the 56th and 57th streets, you will see before you an ostentatious building in pink marble and glass. This is Trump Tower; a skyscraper of offices and luxury apartments named after the billionaire who built it: Donald Trump. 

The truth is that, as a rule, such a tall building could never have been built in such a small location. The secret lies in the fact that Donald Trump knew how to play his cards right and get the famous Tiffany jewellery store, which is right in the adjoining building, to cede its rights to the airspace.

The transfer of airspace is an ingenious system that was designed to save historic buildings that were well below the permissible height and were usually destroyed to build higher buildings. What is it exactly? Very simple: the buildable airspace that the historic building does not occupy can be transferred to a neighbouring construction project. Thus, one is saved from demolition and the other may exceed the height stipulated by current regulations.

This is what Donald Trump did and thus managed to raise this unique skyscraper of 58 floors. At the end of its construction in 1983, the tower received a rather cool reception and even today, some consider the atrium of the building is too flashy. But there are opinions for all tastes, so you'd better go and judge for yourself.

If you take the entrance on Fifth Avenue, you will come directly to the critical point that is criticised by many: a hallway of five floors housing a cafe and a luxurious mall decorated with pink marble, mirrors, bronze panels and a real waterfall that mutes the constant sound of the big city. 

The building has seven floors devoted to shops, 13 offices and the remaining 38 are luxury apartments.

Its exterior shape is designed to minimise the effects of wind and earthquakes. In its stepped portion trees and plants form a curious and original offset amid so much glass.

The stepped shape also allows most of the apartments to enjoy two magnificent views of the New York skyline.

The truth is that the combination of elements makes it impactful. But even more impactful was the article published in 2006 by Forbes magazine, which estimates the value of the tower was no less than 318 million dollars.

Another curious fact worth mentioning is that Trump Tower is the official residence of the winners of beauty pageants Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, throughout the year-long reign. Welcome to your palace!

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