Institut Pasteur

Institut Pasteur (54)

To talk about medicine in France is to talk about Louis Pasteur. The famous scientist gives his name to one of the most prestigious medical research centres in both France and the world. He himself founded it on the 14th of November 1888. This brilliant investigator discovered the process of milk pasteurisation as well as vaccines against rabies and anthrax.

This private foundation is non-profit and has been declared of national interest. It was founded thanks to a national subscription and soon led the field in the investigation of infectious diseases. For more than a century it has been a pioneer in new treatments and since 1908 eight scientists who have been trained here have won the Nobel Prize.

Inside you will be able to visit the museum opened in 1936 in which you can see the reconstruction of Pasteur’s flat and laboratory recreated to the smallest detail.

Even Pasteur’s tomb is in a crypt in the basement, built in the style of a small Byzantine chapel. Also, in the garden Doctor Roux is buried, the man who discovered the treatment for diphtheria by means of serum injections.

The Institut Pasteur currently has research labs, conference rooms, a section for consultations and a hospital founded with the aim of applying Pasteur’s theories.

It could be said that the Institut Pasteur, loyal to its founder’s humanist spirit, has always been in the vanguard of medical investigation. It has been the cradle of microbiology and has contributed to laying the bases of immunology and molecular biology. 

The Institut Pasteur is present in 5 continents and has a network of more than 9,000 collaborators.

Its mission is to contribute to the prevention and treatment of diseases, mainly infectious ones, through investigation, teaching and public health initiatives.

By the way, in the original 1888 building several projects are undertaken, including investigations into AIDS led by Professor Luc Montagnier, who discovered the virus in 1983. 

The Institut Pasteur is a different visit amongst all the art and beauty of Paris.

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