Pont Alenxandre III

Pont Alenxandre III (8B)

Pont Alexandre III is considered as the most beautiful bridge in Paris and joins Les Invalides with the Petit and Grand Palais.

Although many people believe that it was Alexander III who placed the first stone, you should be aware that it was Tzar Nicholas II, his successor, who wanted to pay homage to his father and give the bridge his name. The works began in 1896 and the bridge was opened in 1900 as part of the Universal Exhibition.

Its structure was a big challenge for the time, since it has a single arch of more than 100 metres length and 6 metres height that crosses the Seine. For this reason, the engineers had to create one of the first prefabricated structures in history, since its parts were cast in another place to be transported and fitted here using a massive crane. Its construction had to take into account the river traffic, not impeding the good visibility on both sides and to decide its width it was decided to copy the 40 metres of the Avenue Winston Churchill.

Walk calmly along the bridge and stop and look, and for sure take some photos of the art nouveau details that abound in its decoration.

At is ends, you will see two 17-metre columns with gilded statues of winged horses or Pegasus alongside two figures, four in all, representing the France of Charlemagne, contemporary France, that of Louis XIV and of the Renaissance.

To demonstrate the Franco-Russian alliance you can see the representation of the Nymphs of the Seine and the Nymphs of the Neva, in Russia, work of Georges Récipon.

Candelabras, cherubs, nymphs, lions and winged horses... a fairy-tale bridge. Of course, it is a real luxury to contemplate the Pont Neuf, one of the leading examples of the Belle Epoque. And a final consideration: if this bridge is spectacular in the day, you cannot miss going back at night to see it lit up.

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