Café Hawelka

Café Hawelka (52C)

Dorotheergasse, 6.

It is impossible to leave Vienna without going to this café. You will miss part of its history. With its Bohemian image and warm welcome, no visit to Vienna is complete without a stop here for a coffee, a drink or a special bun.

Café Hawelka is surely one of the most famous and beloved in Vienna. It is visited both by tourists and the Viennese. It was founded by Leopold Hawelka and his wife Josefine in 1939, but after the outbreak of World War II they had to close it. Surprisingly, the building was not damaged during the war, so in the fall of 1945 it was reopened intact.

After the occupation in 1955, the café became a meeting place for writers, musicians, artists and intellectuals. This type of clientèle continues to go to the Hawelka regularly for coffee or the speciality, the Buchteln, who could forget the delicious sweet dumplings with jam covered with sugar made by Josefine for over 66 years? But relax, since his death in 2005, his son prepares them following the original recipe, a jealously guarded secret. Really, do not miss it, no other buns in Vienna compare.

The inside of the café was designed by Adolf Loos in the 30s and has not changed much since then. The lamps, coat racks, tables... Everything breathes history, no time has passed here. This, coupled with the homely atmosphere, makes it a very attractive combination full of character. Until recently, you could see Leopold Hawelka, 100 years old, sitting in the cafeteria door, greeting customers.

If you want authenticity and history accompanied by a good coffee you are in the best place!

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