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As if you were in a open-air museum

Imagine walking in front of the Coliseum while listening to your mp3 all information about its construction, its days of glory and fun anecdotes. And the same in the Fontana di Trevi. And in the Piazza Navona. And up to 100 points of interest in Rome. And another 100 in London, Paris, New York ... You'll soon discover how your audioguide Play and Tour helps you enjoy more of your travels!

Download your audio guide is easy, fast and secure

Download an audio tour will not take long. Just choose your destination CITIES menu, give the ADD TO CART button, choose your mode of payment of a completely secure and download your files comfortably.

Now that you have your downloaded files, just print yourself pdf map (or adding to your mobile phone) and upload the audios on your mp3 player.

Did you see how easy it is to have a private guide on your mp3?
Now you just have to choose destination, where are you going to go?


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