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Let yourself be guided through the city’s most interesting places by our Play&Tour® audio guide, just as though you were in an enormous, open-air museum. History, architecture, art, gastronomy, shopping, special places, anecdotes, ....

  • Barcelona audioguide
  • Athens audioguide
  • Audioguía de Atenas
  • The Best of Italy
  • Especiales Play & Tour - Italia
  • Amsterdam audioguide
  • Audioguía de Atenas
  • Berlin audioguide
  • Audioguía de Berlín
  • Brussels audioguide
  • Audioguía de Bruselas
  • Budapest audioguide
  • Audioguía de Budapest
  • Madrid audioguide
  • Audioguía de Madrid
  • Florence audioguide
  • Audioguía de Florencia
  • Marrakesh audioguide
  • Audioguía de Marrakech
  • Istanbul audioguide
  • Audioguía de Estambul
  • Lisbon audioguide
  • Audioguía de Lisboa
  • Mykonos audioguide
  • Audioguía de Mikonos
  • Eastern Mediterranean audioguide (in Spanish)
  • Western Mediterranean audioguide (in Spanish)
  • Monaco audioguide
  • Nice audioguide
  • Pisa audioguide
  • Santorini audioguide
  • Siena audioguide
  • Singapore audioguide
  • Seville audioguide
  • Tuscany audioguide (in Spanish)
  • The Best of Spain
  • The Best of Greece (in Spanish)
  • The Best of The French Riviera (in Spanish)
  • Venice audioguide
  • Europe Essentials
  • Amsterdam audioguide
  • Prague audioguide
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