Casa Fuster

Casa Fuster (72)

At the start of the street Gran de Gràcia, after the gardens, you will find a building that is an authentic jewel of  modernism, the Casa Fuster.

Mariano Fuster i Fuster was a gentleman from Mallorcan high society who married Consuelo Fabra i Puig, daughter of the Marquis of Alella. After their wedding they lived in the Rambles, right in the heart of Barcelona, but Senyor Fuster wanted to give his wife a special gift: build her a house completely to her taste. And he commissioned it from the well-known architect Domènech i Montaner. The building was started in 1908 and, if you look closely, you can see the initials CF for Consuelo Fabra on the rose window facing onto the Carrer Jesús.

Once it was completed in 1911, the Fuster i Fabra family went to live on the noble floor of the house, which became known as the most expensive in the city. The man from Mallorca did not stint expense: ornaments of flowers and birds, high-quality marble interiors, wrought iron... In fact, the outer wall of the Casa Fuster is the first in the entire city to be decorated in white marble. Every luxury for his beloved wife.

Later, in the 1920s, the family, very much against their will, had to leave the house because of the huge maintenance and repair bills. Its owners since then have been many and varied. It was even bought by an electricity company, who wanted to knock it down and raise a skyscraper, but luckily and due to popular pressure, this idea was not carried through.

Its destiny was uncertain until a hotel chain purchased it, rehabilitated it spectacularly and in 2004 opened the current five-star hotel: both great luxury and an artistic monument.

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