Váci Street

Váci Street (42)

Váci Street is a pedestrianised thoroughfare comprising of the most select shops in Budapest and a cosmopolitan, modern and touristy atmosphere. You will be able to find here top designer clothes shops, bookshops, as well as restaurants, jewellers and gift shops. Note though, that the majority of these are not what you would call cheap.  

In addition, along the street there are a number of interesting buildings. For example, at number nine you will find the ´Philantia` florists, well known for its art nouveau interior design. At number eleven is ´Thonet House`, a work of art by the architect Odon Lechner. Also worth a visit are the smaller Régi Street and Párisi Street that cross its length. 

On arriving at the end of the street you will find the remains of the old Vac Gate, which once formed part of the walls surrounding the city. Váci Street also leads on to Vorosmarty Square, an authentic wonder that gets its name from the romantic poet Mihaly Vorosmarty, whose marble statue is located in the centre of the square. This area is full of cafes and elegant shops, as well as lovely alleys and a small market. What’s more, on its northern edge is the Gerbeaud café and pastry shop, the most famous in the city. Opened in 1884, it has preserved its 1920’s decoration and having a coffee here is like stepping back in time. All in all, this place and its magnificent pastry section are something you are sure to remember about your visit to Budapest. 

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