Trams (1L)

You cannot say you have been to Lisbon without riding one of its “eléctricos”, the name given to Portugal’s distinctive trams that travel the paved streets of the city, offering a romantic experience with a hint of the past.  

The “eléctricos” travel up and down the steep streets of the capital, screeching and sounding their bells, guided by the mass of electronic cables hanging between houses, and by the rails marked into the paving stones of Lisbon’s highways.

They are a tourist attraction that give the traveller two important things. Firstly, a well-earned rest from walking up and down the steep inclines of the city. Secondly, something much less common, a taste of our very own ´local charm`, and the older the tram is the better. What could be better for a visitor to Lisbon than a trip on a nice, slow tram? A true piece of magic and a great combination of cliché and everyday life. 

The most popular line is number 28, which takes the route between Lisbon’s main tourist sites. It passes along side the Estrela district, the “Sao Bento” palace, and goes all the way up to the areas of Bairro Alto and Chiado. It starts to descend after the Baixa district, goes past the cathedral and comes to a halt at the “Sao Jorge” castle. It is also worth taking the number 15 which covers the route from the square called the “Praça da Figueira”, past the Baixa and the Belem districts to the tower.

Round closed bends, up steep slopes and through narrow gaps between houses with barely a metre between the tram and building fronts, these models from the First World War make their way. 

Our recommendation is to fill one of the tram’s 58 seats, sit back, relax and enjoy the trip through the streets of Lisbon.

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