Petros the pelican

Petros the pelican (6)

Petros the pelican is far more than just a pelican. He is a myth, a legend, a heart-warming tale and, most importantly, the official mascot of Mykonos for the past 50 years or more. 

The mystery surrounding this animal is almost a Greek enigma in itself, and if you were to ask the people of Mykonos where you can find Petros, you are likely to hear many and very contradictory versions. Some claim he took ill with pneumonia and was taken to Thessaloniki to see a vet, but unfortunately could not be saved. Others are convinced that someone strangled him. Still others have always suspected that his disappearance was the work of the inhabitants of the nearby island of Tinos, who had him stolen. 

What is certain is that Petros first appeared on the island in 1954 in the aftermath of a storm. To everyone's surprise the pelican abandoned its migratory habits to settle on the island. Petros lived on Mykonos for 30 years and earned the affection of all the islanders. As a result, his death was deeply felt among both residents and tourists alike. It caused such a profound sadness among the locals that Mykonos decided to replace him with another pelican (though there is currently more than one).

Thus Petros became a legend and features as the island's official mascot.

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