Introduction (1)

Mykonos, popularly known as "the island of the winds", is probably the most famous of the Greek islands, and one of the most popular destinations in the Aegean sea. This fame has been acquired over a period of more than 50 years thanks to the island's cosmopolitan character, beautiful beaches, charming nooks and crannies, delicious cuisine and exuberant nightlife.

With an area of just 90 square kilometres, 80 kilometres of coastline and just over 5,500 inhabitants, Mykonos is the most visited of the Cyclades islands. During the summer season the population can multiply 10 or even 15 times thanks to the huge influx of visitors from Europe, USA and Japan. 

The power of attraction of this island in unquestionable. As soon as you set foot on Mykonos the magic of the island takes hold of you completely. A magic that emanates from the villages of charming, narrow streets, white cubed houses, impressive windmills, arid landscapes, secluded beaches, hundreds of churches and, of course, the island's pet pelican, Petros.

If you want to immerse yourself fully in this magic during your stay on the island we recommend you visit Chora, the capital, where you will find the charming "Little Venice", the stunning Paraportiani church and fascinating archaeological, maritime and folk museums. Also well worth going out of your way for are the island of Delos, one of the country's most famous archaeological sites, as well as the endearing village of Ano Mera and any of its secluded beaches.

One last tip. Do not leave Mykonos without trying one of the island's greatest delicacies: the famous aperitif "kopanisti". This is a local farm-made cheese with a strong odour and very distinctive flavour. It is usually served with bread and salad and accompanied by ouzo or wine. Although this speciality is easy to find on other Cyclades islands, we guarantee the "kopanisti" produced on Mykonos is the most delicious.

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