Archaeological Museum of Mykonos

Archaeological Museum of Mykonos (7)

Located near the port, the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos is the ideal place to discover a fascinating collection of sculptures, jewels and ceramics that were excavated both on Mykonos itself as well as on the neighbouring islands of Delos and Renia.

The collection includes a large number of works of incalculable historical and cultural value, such as two tombstones of breath-taking beauty and an amphora decorated with complex motifs. 

The collection also includes one piece that should not be overlooked under any circumstances: a ceramic vase from the 7th century BC portraying the famous story of the Trojan Horse. This most valuable piece is part of one of the most important collections of vases from the Hellenistic period.

Let us now focus on the building that houses the museum. This centenary building was constructed between 1900 and 1902 in order to house and care for articles unearthed at the Renia island archaeological site. 

Initially the building was constructed following neoclassical-style parameters, but over the years it underwent various restoration processes that unfortunately altered its initial appearance. The last major change came in 1972, when the building had to be extended in order to accommodate the museum's expanding assets. Incredibly, the collection continued to increase and the museum's five rooms were simply not enough. It was therefore decided to add a large exhibition room designed to house and display the new findings to the general public.

We recommend early morning visiting as the museum closes at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and all day on Mondays.

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