Folk Museum

Folk Museum (8)

The Folk Museum occupies an old two-storey house close to Mykonos Castle. 

Opened in 1958, the centre houses an extensive collection of nineteenth century pieces worthy of admiration, including furniture, tools, photographs, newspapers, musical instruments, ceramics... 

We recommend getting lost in the various rooms of the museum as a means of taking a little trip back in time. This pleasant stroll will allow you to discover the various collections housed in the museum: keys and locks, ancient weights and measures, traditional Cycladic sculptures, Novecento-style clothing with wonderful hand-crafted embroidery...

The museum opens only from April to October, from 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm every day except Sunday. We recommend visiting early in the afternoon so as not to miss the magical sunset hour.

Visitors may also be interested to know that the Folk Museum has two further sections located outside this building, both of which make for interesting visits.

One is known as the House of Lena. This is a typical nineteenth-century Mykonos house that has been restored and furnished with antiques in order to recreate the authentic lifestyle of the era. The interior features a spacious living area, two bedrooms, two courtyards and a loft, all of which are impressively decorated and laid out.

The other section of the Folk Museum is located outside, next to the famous Boni windmill. This is the Agricultural Museum, where visitors have the opportunity to witness agricultural production as it was formerly carried out on the island while admiring the mill from within. 

Before leaving we recommend finding out about the opening times for these two sections, as they don't open on the same days or follow the same schedules as the Folk Museum.

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