Little Venice

Little Venice (4)

In all Mykonos there is just one niche that manages to escape the typical landscape of white houses lining charming, windy streets. We're referring to the pastoral district of Alefkandra, where once women gathered at the 'levkanoun' to do their laundry.

However, as you can imagine, this neighbourhood is not known today for this former practise, but rather because the houses here were built right on the seafront and decorated with beautiful wooden balconies and colourful railings. In other words, in true Venetian style. For this reason Alefkandra is known today as "Little Venice".

To get there, first walk down to the lowest part of the island. The truth is the walk is well worth it, as is the final reward, bringing you face to face with an unforgettable Venetian tableau full of subtle nuances and tones.

These mostly-three-storied residences were built in the eighteenth century, coinciding with the era of development of transport and trade. In those days the houses were used for the trafficking of pirated bounties, and inhabitants availed of a small sea hatch to stash their plunder under the floorboards. For this reason the buildings were built so close to the waters of the Aegean.

Discovering "Little Venice" is to enjoy one of the most picturesque spots on the island. It's a place that enchants all who visit and from where one can witness the most beautiful sunsets to be found anywhere. If you don't believe it, we encourage you to enjoy a sunset from one of these homes, now converted into some the island's most curious cocktail bars. We guarantee you an unforgettable moment.

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