Matisse Museum

Matisse Museum (10)

There is a must see for lovers of painting and, especially, Matisse fans in Nice: the Matisse Museum.

Located on Cimiez hill, near the Franciscan Monastery, the Roman ruins and the Hotel Regina, where the painter himself lived, the Matisse Museum houses a collection of works of art of inestimable value: paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, models... All with the artist's unmistakable stamp. 

This is a really interesting collection that brings together the most famous and emblematic works of the author, with the particularity of it being Matisse himself who chose to form the current collection at the museum. 

Specifically, this was in 1952. Matisse brought together a collection what he considered his best works and donated them to the city government in order to create an art gallery dedicated to himself. The museum began operating in the town hall itself but as the collection grew it was moved to an 18th-century building, the former palace of the Archbishops of Cambrai.

After the artist's death, the original collection was enriched by donations from the family and some works acquired by the museum itself. An expansion that led to a permanent collection consisting of a total of 70 paintings, 60 sculptures, more than 200 drawings, 100 photographs and 109 industrial graphic pieces. 

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum also hosts temporary exhibitions as well as an exhibition of more than 180 of the artist's personal objects that reveal the sources of inspiration that gave rise to many of his greatest works. Works full of charm and technique, as innovative as they are delicious.

Born in 1869, Henri Matisse was an important French painter and the creator of Fauvism, who moved to Nice in 1917 and did not leave until the day of his death in 1954. It is said that he moved to this city captivated by its vitality, its light, fresh lines and radiant Mediterranean colours. Today, Nice remembers him by exhibiting some of his work and personal objects in this museum baptised with his own name.

If you want to visit, you will find it at number 164 of Avenue des Arenes.

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