Gastronomy (3)

When you start to sample the gastronomy of Santorini, you'll uncover an exquisite cuisine, made using products of the finest quality. These are local products grown on the island in unrivalled conditions: on volcanic soil, caressed by the sea breeze and bathed in the intense light of the Aegean.

To experience the essence of Santorini with all five senses, you can't leave the island without sampling some of its most typical dishes. These include “souvlaki” (skewered meat), “gyros” (a wrap filled with meat, tomato, lettuce and onions, very similar to a kebab) and “dolmadakia” (rice wrapped in vine leaves).

Local specialities also include “tzatziki” (a yoghurt dip made with garlic and shredded cucumber), “apoxti” (a type of cured ham) and wild rabbit with a cheese and egg sauce. For dessert, we recommend the famous Greek yoghurt or “tomatina”, a sweet drink made from small tomatoes, cinnamon and almonds. And if you still have room, enjoy a delicious cookie made with saffron bread.

 Other traditional dishes from the island include tomato balls, dried peas cooked in a number of different ways, white aubergines, stuffed courgettes, Santorini salads and, of course, fresh cheese.

To accompany these delicious dishes, what could be better than an intriguing wine, grown and bottled in one of the island's famous wineries?

So there you have it: choose an open-air table at one of the island's numerous restaurants and get ready to sample the best the Mediterranean diet has to offer. Bon appétit!

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