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Santorini shares something in common with other Greek Islands: all of its beaches feature a thriving social scene, both by day and by night. So, where do you start?

The truth is that Santorini has numerous beaches and hidden coves. They all have one common denominator: the perfect blend of volcanic beauty and the deep blue Aegean Sea. 

Choosing where to lie down to enjoy this landscape is a real dilemma. The best idea is to hop from beach to beach, getting lost and gradually discovering the hidden corners of this fascinating island. 

If you go to the south of the island you'll come across the beaches of Perssa, Perivolos, Agios Georgios, Vlihada, Red Beach and White Beach, which is only accessible by boat. To the east are the beaches of Kamari, Monolithos, Pori, Vourvoulos and Couloumbo. And to the north, you'll find the beaches of Ammoudi and Armeni.

Allow us to provide you with a little more insight.

Kamari is the most popular, largest and most multi-ethnic beach on the island. Five kilometres of sand, dotted with tourists, hotels, shops, bars, restaurants, cafés and a variety of water sports such as surfing and water skiing.

To the north of Kamari you'll find Monolithos. This is probably the quietest and most family-orientated beach on Santorini, perfect if you are travelling with children.

One of the most special beaches on Santorini is Red Beach. Located near the archaeological site of Akrotiri, visitors are amazed by its truly stunning setting. It's a lovely place where deep red permeates every corner, tinting the cliffs, sand and seabed and producing a mesmerising light. If you come here, be prepared to take some amazing photos.

Another fascinating beach is near the village of Oia in the north of the island. It is called Armeni, a beach that invites the most intrepid visitors to dive into the underwater abyss. Armeni beach provides an opportunity to dive into the waters of the volcanic crater and observe how the island is submerged and extends underwater. An indescribable and unforgettable experience. 

If you go to Perissa, you'll discover one of the most famous beaches on Santorini. Its eight kilometres of black sand captivate visitors due to the stunning contrast between the lava and the crystal clear waters. Located on the southeastern tip of the island, it boasts a wide range of facilities and water sports for the most daring visitors.

If you happen to be in the southern tip of the island, make sure you check out Perivolos, the most cosmopolitan beach on Santorini. This is a lovely spot where residents and tourists head for a refreshing drink and good music after diving in the Aegean.

 Finally, a piece of advice that every Santorini resident could tell you: if there's a north wind (which is very common in the Cyclades Islands), opt for the beaches in the south.

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