Hotel Alfonso XIII

Hotel Alfonso XIII (34)

The Hotel Alfonso XIII is the hotel par excellence of Seville, located in a five-star building, with welcoming ambience and exquisite details. It was built between 1916 and 1928 with an eye on the city’s celebration of the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. 

Seville’s Ayuntamiento granted the land, and after a public competition, architect José Espiau Muñoz was placed in charge of overseeing the project. As such, the Hotel Alfonso XIII was designed and constructed to be a hotel of “luxury and magnificence.” With richly appointed interiors, elegant lamps, and luxurious coffered ceilings, marble and hardwood flooring, and rugs from the Royal Carpet Factory, from day one of its inauguration, it has been considered one of the finest hotels in the world. King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenia even took part in its celebrated opening. 

The building has a neo-Mudejar style and is decorated with an abundance of tiles, ironwork and ornamental bricks. Additionally, it is built around a large courtyard, with a magnificent fountain in the centre. 

However, the hotel hasn’t always seen good times, and after three changes of ownership, and a few other problems, it was remodelled in 1991 for the 1992 World’s Fair. So if you’d like to visit the hotel’s rediscovered luxury and exquisite elegance, but aren’t a guest, keep in mind that you can still come in and get something to drink at the bar or enjoy the ambience in the hotel’s restaurant. 

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