Iglesia de San Pedro

Iglesia de San Pedro (32)

The Iglesia de San Pedro is a gothic-Mudejar style catholic church from the 14th century, on the Plaza de San Pedro of Seville. It is also now home to the Brotherhood of Santísimo Cristo de Burgos.

The main façade, on Calle Santa Ángela de la Cruz, dates to 1612 and is in the traditional Mudejar style. On this façade, you will find 3 circular pieces of stained glass. The largest central piece represents Saint Peter, and Saint Paul and Saint Joseph are on either side.

The church is poorly lighted inside, but that shouldn’t prevent you from admiring the Mudejar-styled coffered wood ceilings and a splendid vaulted ceiling in one of the chapels, decorated with latticed geometric bricks. 

Of special interest are the paintings found inside the church, such as "La Santa Faz" by Zurbarán, "La Alegoría Eucarística" by Lucas Valdés, "La Anunciación" by Pedro de Campaña, or "Cristo atado a la columna" by Luis de Morales.

You’ll also find that the church tower has two easily distinguishable sections: the first and oldest is also in the Mudejar style; and the second, where you’ll find the bells, dates from the 16th century. But the tower is also topped in elegant tile work created by Martín Infante and was added in 1597. 

Behind the church is the Convento de Santa Inés, where, like many of the city’s convents, you ought to make a point of buying their delicious homemade treats. Also keep in mind that on 2nd December of every year, they venerate the undisturbed body of Doña María Coronel, the 14th century founder of this convent.

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