Plaza del Triunfo

Plaza del Triunfo (20)

The Plaza del Triunfo in Seville is located in the very heart of a set of buildings that were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1987: the Archivo General de Indias, the Reales Alcázares and the Cathedral. 

The plaza’s name comes from a baroque-style shrine located in front of the rear façade of the Archivo de Indias, called the Cruz del Triunfo. This shrine, which has an image of the Virgin Mary with Child inside, was built in commemoration and gratitude for having been spared from personal misfortune during the 1755 earthquake. This earthquake, whose epicentre was in Lisbon, caused terrible damage to neighbouring countries and destroyed important parts of the Andalusian capital. Salvation was attributed to the city’s deep devotion to the Virgin Mary.

And right in the middle of this plaza is another monument dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, a piece by Lorenzo Coullaut Valera presented in 1918. On 8th December every year, a floral offering is made here, and a recital is performed by university choirs, attended by large numbers of people. 

In the 15th century, this plaza was known as the Plaza de los Cantos [Pebble Square], because it was the gathering place for quarrymen and stonemasons working on the continuing construction of the Cathedral. In later centuries, it was known as the Plaza del Hospital del Rey, because of the old hospital that used to stand here.

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