Torre del Mangia

Torre del Mangia (7)

La Torre del Mangia dominates all of Siena.

When it was built by the brothers Muccio and Francesco di Rinaldo, between 1325 and 1344, it was the highest secular tower in Italy. And, as you can see, its 102-metre height still imposes great respect, but now it is only the second tallest after the 112 metres of the bell tower of the Cathedral of Cremona, the Torrazzo di Cremona, in Lombardy.

To reach the top you must climb a total of 505 steps, but, as you may suppose, the panoramic view of the city you can see from here is simply magnificent. So, as soon as you can, go up and see. You will love it.

The name of Torre di Mangia has an origin which is as curious as it is funny. Its meaning is Tower of the Glutton and its first guardian, Giovanni di Balduccio, was dubbed the Mangiaguadagni or Eat-what-you-earn, as his passion for food made him spend all the money he had and did not have.

The top was built by Agostino di Giovanni from a design by a Mastro Lippo pittore, probably Lippo Memmi, and a small detail, the clock was added in 1360.

On the other hand, the beautiful structure that stands at the base was added in 1352. It is the Capella di Piazza and was erected as an act of gratitude to the Blessed Virgin by the survivors of the plague in Siena.

In order to take a beautiful photograph of the tower, we recommend that you stand in the north-western part of the square, where the Via dei Pellegrini is. It will be magnificent.

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